The project

The project intends to generate significant changes in the assessment/intervention processes and, in turn, optimise student learning. It is expected to favour all students’ participation and learning, especially students with neurodevelopmental and learning disorders, by favouring the education social inclusion process. For the assessment processes, the main difference with current tools is their adaptive capacity, and one that allows them to consider several levels of difficulty related to each item in tasks, and their dynamic orientation, to allow different mediation patterns to be included while performing tasks to evaluate students’ response to the intervention and to obtain information to help make improvements.

Who we are

The consortium that will develop and validate this tool is formed by six organisations.
The UNIZAR Research Group (RG), which is the Project Coordinator, which will provide its experience related with computerised dynamic assessment (DA) and applied research in the field of EF, language and SEN. DYS-centrum, and the RGs of the Universities of Seville and Presov, which will contribute their experience in the research field and in intervening in neurodevelopment and learning disorders, and also in relation to implementing cognitive improvement programmes and DA models. CY.M.S. will contribute with its experience in designing materials in the specific area of mathematics. In the technology field, the Team of Research and Artificial Intelligence Applications of the University of Málaga will contribute its knowledge of constructing and implementing computerised adaptive testing. Finally, the Inthecity Project Development will contribute its experience in designing web platforms, and in designing games and interactive applications.