• University of Zaragoza

    University of Zaragoza is very involved in the development of new methodologies and approaches to improve teaching and learning processes. The research team from the University of Zaragoza is formed by researchers focused on diverse areas of Psychology, Education, and Informatics Engineering. Our team has previous background on the following research topics: dynamic/adaptive assessment, executive functions, neurodevelopmental disorders, specific learning difficulties, special educational needs, cognitive neuroscience and psychobiology, validation of psychoeducational tests and self-reported measures, among others.

  • University of Seville

    Founded in 1505, the University of Seville (US) is the second largest in Spain in terms of number of students (over 70.000), and the first in Andalucía. Today, the US is well known for its vital research in Technology and Science, which not only aids the development of science as a whole but, more importantly, enriches and develops the culture of Seville and Andalusia. The US is positioned among the best reputed universities in the world, according to the most relevant international rankings. The US takes pride in its self-government and independence but, above all, in its ability to provide a public service at such a high standard due to the excellence in teaching and research.

  • University of Malaga

    The University of Malaga (UMA) is one of Spain’s premier institutions of higher learning (world ranking: 736). Since its foundation back in 1972, UMA has rapidly expanded its international presence and prestige. Currently, UMA has 2 campuses, +35,000 students, +2,400 professors, 23 faculties and schools, 82 departments, 200 educational programmes, 309 research groups, research projects, and +1,800 business contacts. Regarding international relations, UMA has bilateral agreements with +945 universities from all over the world with +1,000/+1,000 exchange students (in/out)/year and +100/+100 exchange staff (in/out)/year. UMA participates actively in a number of international programmes (LLP, Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, Erasmus+, ISEP, Fulbright, AUIP, etc.), national programmes, and privately funded programmes. UMA is a member of +100 networks/associations and stimulates educational innovation and research by boosting the quality of its professors and research groups through their participation in international research projects with the support and sponsorship of enterprises from local TechPark (PTA). UMA meets the following quality standards: EFQM 200, EFQM 300, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc.

  • University of Prešov

    The University of Prešov (Slovak: Prešovská univerzita v Prešove) is the only public university in the Prešov self-governing region of Slovakia. It focuses on the areas of social, natural, and theological sciences, sport, arts, management, and health care. The University consists of 8 faculties which offer a number of study programmes in all 3 degrees (Bachelor, Magister and Doctoral degree) and in both full-time and part-time form. The University of Presov develops an intense research activity and it has three centres of excellence. A wide range of courses and educational products are offered by The Centre of Competences and Lifelong Learning.

  • Cyprus Mathematical Society

    The Cyprus Mathematical Society (CY.M.S.) is a non-for-profit organization established in Cyprus since 1983. The Cyprus Math Society is manager and developed by volunteering work of its members. Its purposes are to promote Mathematics Education and Science. It’s a member of the European Mathematical Society (EMS) and a founding member of the Mathematical Society of South Easter Europe (MASSEE).

  • DYS-centrum Praha z. ú.

    DYS-centrum Praha z. ú. is a non-governmental organisation which offers services to people with learning difficulties (e.g. dyslexia, ADHD). The clients are from preschoolers to adults. The services cover assessment, including dynamic assessment, remediation, counselling, and therapy. DYS-centrum also organizes courses and workshops for teachers, psychologists, special educators and other professionals. Furthermore, they also create, publish and distrubute various books and learning tools and instruments which support individuals with learning difficulties.

  • Inthecity Project Development

    Inthecity Project Development is a new media private company, specialized in development of concepts and solutions for embedding digitalization, digital storytelling and creative techniques in different educational environments (skills development, business knowledge, social inclusion, gender equality, integration of migrants, etc.). Company’s specialization is producing high quality professional media, expertly tailored to the specific objective and ethos of the project – short films, documentaries, animations and web-based products with educational purposes, multilingual portals and study materials.